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Originally Posted by wolz View Post
cawimmer430, you obviously have a car that does not suit you. One that doesn't correspond to your needs. There are plenty of cars available that would suit you better.
Like I said, I inherited the car from my sister.

I would never have bought a 1-Series simply because it's to impractical in the big picture for my needs. RWD is something I don't need nor is it something that excites me. Between a BMW 1-Series and say a Volkswagen Golf Variant (wagon), I'd look at the overall practicality and take the Golf wagon for example simply because it has more space for rear passengers and a larger luggage compartment.

From BMW an X1 or X3 or a 3er Touring with AWD would have been more practical for me (although I find the 3er Touring has a very small luggage compartment when compared to the S204 Mercedes C-Class for example).

Again, I love my 118i, I really do, but from a practical point of view it's handicapped because it's a small car with RWD. That's not a slap against BMW or the 1-Series, just a FACT.

By the way, Auto Motor und Sport is reporting that the facelifted X1 will no longer be RWD but become FWD with AWD being optional.
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