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Originally Posted by KSERGEI-BY View Post
Bmw ///M is a mass marketing car since e39 m5. Its just as it is, built in same line as poor-europeans 520d. Its funny to read worlds like "exclusive" here. You got crazy about exclusive things - go buy something else.

And Im ok with 4-inline in the upcoming m2.
You totally missed my point, all I'm saying is "STOP B**ching if your're not going to buy one"
Tell me how many real M owners b**ch about their own M cars, very rare.
Only the real M owners will know what that "exclusive" means.
Not talking about the stupid "social status" or the badge here.

Originally Posted by Machientje View Post
///M is made for hardcore drivers to take the car on circuit and take it to the limits, not because its exclusive or to impresse the neighbours.

Become a carlover and not a badgelover.
Yup, I loved the "M" badge so much I bought 2 of my Ms to impress my neighbors. And you're right, M cars shouldn't be on the public road, they should all be on the race track and leave them there.
And I do take my car to the track once in awhile

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