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Next generation 1-Series (F20) now in winter testing!

Thanks to the boys at as they've caught the new 1-series out in the cold Scandinavian testing area.

The car continues to be heavily camo'd but the car is now solidly in the BMW development cycle. As you may remember, the car was previously seen as a mule riding on the current 1-series body, then a camo'd prototype was seen driving around the streets on Munich. With more development under the car's belt, it has now been moved for cold climate testing.

So far little is known about what the car will ultimatly represent. There have been whispers of thin LEDs and large circular foglights upfront (ala X1). There have also been rumors that the car will be generally increased in size as to fill a gap that has come up now that the 3 series has upsized a little bit. The upsized 1-series would benefit from the latest in BMW technology including the latest engines and an xDrive variant.

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