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Originally Posted by zgood4u View Post
Some may have a different take on the subject
Absolutely. My long departed e86 Z4MC was my first M car, and to this date, it still embodies what an M car should be like. My e93 M3 and e92 M3 were both much better daily drivers, but I will always remember the Z4MC as THE one.

I will say though I much prefer the engine note of the S65. The raspy note of the S54 was really nice and fit the character of the e86 really well, but the S65 makes that deep growl that gives me the goosebumps every time my lead foot presses down on the gas pedal.

Originally Posted by Obioban View Post
Take a CSL, make it heavier, less practical, uglier, less powerful, and with less competent handling, and you get a Z4M

Though the lack of SMG and extra torsional rigidity are nice.
Since we never got the CSL in the US, I won't claim to know what it drives like. I can tell you though that the Z4M did a lot more than the sum of its parts and drove sharper (and harsher) than the standard e46 M3.
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