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Originally Posted by NickyC View Post
I've owned basically nothing but BMWs for nearly 25 years, starting all the way back with my E36 M3. I couldn't love my current M4 more, and before that I was absolutely gobsmacked by my two Z4Ms. All the talk I heard prior to test driving an M4 was how it was soulless, nothing like a true M3, blah blah blah. I don't know what the hell they're talking about, the car is absolutely a blast to drive and personally I think is one of the most gorgeous cars on the road (especially in that YMB baby!).

I've seen the progression over 25 years through owning so many BMWs, and they're still the master of all in one package. I guess some will just continue to whine and complain about everything, whatever.
So, dare I say it? BMW remains good at doing the one good thing they do. They remain good at offering a top trim small sporty luxury sedan.

It's true, their M models have been exemplary. Truly class leading performance, and I've yet to drive/ride in an M or met an M owner who's not impressed by their "M"ness. They do that exceptionally well and continue to do it well, despite all the griping and moaning *I* do about naturally aspirated this and steering feels and such. I'm not going to lie, my jaw hits the floor sometimes by the amount of sheer grip and performance there is in the latest versions of the M cars, as a few fellow instructors that I have little trouble passing in my MZ4 Coupe now blows by me like I'm standing still with the latest and greatest M offerings from Bavaria.

That bread and butter continues to lead. I'm not going to gripe too much about that. The REST of the BMW line-up?

Not so much.

It pains me to say it, but since my first forays into BMW ownership wasn't M cars, I've always had a soft spot for BMW's entire lineup outside of M class cars. I loved the old E38 7 series. I loved my old E30 318is. I loved my old Z3 1.9L. Heck I still miss my old E46 323Ci and curse the old lady that merged onto the street from her driveway without looking that ended its life.

Each and every single one of those cars were forward looking, industry leading, and just the best at what they do, even though they weren't M cars. Even the old E30 318is, which I bought used in 2005, at the time a 15 year old car, still had tech that were relevant to this day...Back nearly 30 years ago. That's how far and how much BMW projected and lead the industry in everything they do.

Didn't used to be that you'd have to pony up for the highest end M cars to have the latest and greatest. Heck even today's M cars are just basically TODAY's tech pushed to the limit. Some of the newest and latest technologies, like 4 wheel steering, torque vectoring diff, lane keep assist, autonomous driving...etc, are all being lead and developed by OTHER manufacturers.

Not saying the M cars are not cool anymore, far from that. I secretly lust after the M2 until I bought the Corvette C7 Grand Sport and realized that I can haz superior performance and tech for 2/3rd the price (I'm sorry, the Chinese in me is always looking for the best value per). But you know what? The C7 Corvette has magical Magnetic-rheological shocks, electronically controlled limited slip differential (not new tech, I know...but superior), 7 speed manual, and a slew of superior technology unmatched by other manufacturers.

FROM CHEVY. Short of FCA the WORST corporate car manufacturer in the industry.

Some of these class leading techs should be coming from BMW but they're not. THAT, is and has been my beef with BMW's current direction of reacting to the market rather than proacting (is that even a word) like they used to.
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