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Originally Posted by Jakebob View Post
I'm really interested in the F20 116i, but reading things like this makes me really unsure.. It's not a performance car. It's a reasonably nippy town car with RWD, it's perfect for the enthusiast that wants a BMW but also wants economy. Why are they so fragile? BMW's used to be made to be driven hard, without having engine components cracking and breaking. What's the use of a quick RWD car if you can't drive it semi-aggressively?

If I'd buy a 116i I'd want to stage tune it, but reading forums and experiences, I think I'll pass because the engine will probably break somehow.
But don't you think BMW intended it to be used as they made it, without stage tuning? When you make a modification, it will usually reduce the built in margins that the manufacturer left in there on purpose. Increasing the power output from 136 to 220 hp is a dramatic change. The older BMWs that could be driven hard, could not be tuned nearly as much.

I have driven the stock 116i on plenty of track days, and there were no issues. The brakes were slightly small for the purpose, but if you get one with M-Sport brakes, you will struggle to fade the brakes for sure.