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i have a 05/2013 built f20 118i here in Mexico with almost 100k kilometers

like about 85k kms i started to notice a small antifreeze leak, only when the engine was cold, it didnt happen when the system was under pressure, so i went into real oem trying to figure it out, i came across with the coolant temperature sensor, i inspected it and there was the leak, the oring was bad i myself replaced the whole sensor which was like $ 35 usd at the the dealer, i could have just replaced the bad o-ring but decided to go further, i replaced and cleaned the whole coolant system, put fresh coolant, no problems so far, this also solved a noisy aux electric water pump

at aprox 91k kms a very small knocking noise started like a knocking rod noise which increased and decreased according to rpm (scary) did an anticipated oil change with oil filter, the sound remained the same, i removed the timing chain guide tensioner, it seemed to be in perfect shape(the inside spring was stiff enough) took it to the dealer, had a technician ride with me, he told me that it was probably the spring inside the high pressure fuel pump, but that he wasnt sure and the shop was full with no time to inspect further, but as it wasnt that loud and there wasnt any codes, he told me that it was safe to drive that the worst it could happen was that the spring in hpfp went full bad and the car going into limp mode, passing the 93k kms mark the car went into limp mode, connected the scanner and it showed a misfire in cylinder 2 went bad i played with the position of the coils and the results were replicated wherever i put the coil, it was only one coil bad but decided to replace all the coils with a PEUGEOT/CITROEN oem part (lets remember that our n13b16 motor was designed in collaboration with PSA peugeot-citroen so many parts are the same)psa number part 5970.91 which happens to be the exact same delphi coils at de bmw dealer but half the price and the noise went away

i drive my f20 hard too, but no other major issues, other than replacing the brake pads, discs, clutch at 70k kms

sorry if my english is not that good but as you may have noticed english is my second languange