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Originally Posted by Kiwi View Post
You live in fantasy land VW has been dropping the price of the latest Golf by at least 20% because they can no sell the bland front wheel drive and Audi is so bland it even under sells Golf where as BMW F20 is selling well.

You must be close to retiring with your selection of cars.
Say what you want but the golf is a far superior car than the F20. The F20 is better in only one respect and that is refinement- i.e. road noise. The 1 series only exists has BMW knows it can exploit its brand image (as being premium) to bring customers in who can't afford the better cars i.e. the F30 and above. It is a well known fact! Look anywhere and you will see how bad the F20 really is but you are too blind-sided by the fact you own one! Open your eyes and you will see how awful the 1-series really is.

It is a known fact BMW heavily discount their cars including the 1 series so I am not sure what you're saying about VWs discounts... You can easily get 20% off an F30, does that make it a bad car too?
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