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Problems starting the engine I get an indicator light

Hi everyone, this is my first post here and I apologize in advance for my English
Here is what happens.

Problems starting the engine I get an indicator light:

Continue the journey at a moderate speed.
Full performance not available.
Have the problem checked by service. "

And the car shakes and sometimes turns itself off, but when I turn it on again immediately the car feels perfect.

This happens only when the car is about 6 hours with the engine off and no matter if it's hot or cold because the weather is usually at 30 to 38C (86 to 100F) in the morning in summer, and in winter about 8C in the morning and sometimes below 0C (46F sometimes below 32F)

The problem was rare before, but now it happens almost every morning which is annoying.
The dealer told me that this is normal and happens with some cars because of the "high performance of the engine" (not my words) hehe, so they reprogrammed the computer but the car is still with the same problem.

I always use premium gasoline which here in Mexico is 92 octanes.

The car is a 118i Urban, here are some pictures of what appears on idrive screen.
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