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Originally Posted by manuelf View Post
This is news to me. I had the impression Audi is quite happy with the 2.5 TFSI - they got positive feedback. Additionally they showed their Quattro concept car in Paris with an 408 hp version of the 5cyl 2.5TFSI...
Their current 2.0 I4 TFSI maxes out at 280hp currently in the Audi TT-S. I dont know whether this engine is able to go beyond 300hp?
I expect only with major changes, which cost money! So - why not stick with the 5cyl. engine?

Not sure if this applies to all markets or just US or North America. Also, of course, this is just rumor for now.

The 400+hp I5 TFSI is likely to stay a prototype IMHO, or at the most it will be used only in a high end vehicle such as a production version of the Quattro concept.

I think the I4 2.0 TFSI is very capable of 300hp+ with some R&D. Will VAG go this route? I don't know.

For the upcoming I6 S55 for the M3/M4 we are not in the dark I think compared to the M2 engine....
S55 will be an I6 N55 reinforced block with new Forced induction technology.
Performance about 450hp. That means "only" 150hp per liter displacement, which is quite conservative... An N20 based I4 for the M2 with the same hp/l performance would just reach 300hp... which is not enough to keep up with the current straight line performance of the 1 M Coupe....
As far as I know, there is nothing nearly that firm known about the six cylinder turbocharged M engine yet. There is a lot of speculation, yes, and I tend to agree that it will be something like what you describe. But we don't know.

As for the four cylinder turbocharged M engine, there is a little more room to play with displacement from what I know about the block. So, it could be 2.2L, or perhaps even a little more. That could yield 330hp to 350hp which would be just about right.