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Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Is it out of the question for BMW to actually do something unique and allow a 320hp 235i to exist at say 3,300 pounds (1,500kg) and an M2 with an N20 with around 306hp and 3,100 pounds (1,400kg)?
Theoretically possible.... but it will do harm for the marketing of the M2 for sure! Of course: There are people which are most interested in driving/handling dynamics of an M2 ... but lots of buyers would be detracted if the M lead model of a product line has lower hp numbers and only the same straight line performance than the top standard/Non-M model!

And it would be the first time in BMW M-History, that a M-follow up model has less hp than its predecessor!

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
Lighter weight through use of carbon, aluminum and deleting some fluff like insulation and the silly carpeted rear fender liners could allow them to do this. While you'd need to add a limited slip, you could leave the brakes and drivetrain alone, as they'd be dealing with less weight.
Keep in mind, that the main goal for the M model below the M3 was "making M more affordable to younger buyers". So BMW is very cost limited here. They can not put a lot carbon into this entry model and still have the same price tag for this entry sportscar segment! Moreover the high-volume CFRP production currently starts with the I3 in 2013. Having this technology available (with lower costs) for wider usage in other normal (non BMW i) models will take some time till these new processes worked out....
In the end this means: Getting an M2 80kg lighter than an F20 135i is difficult enough... but that is not enough to make up for a weak 300hp I4 in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Red Bread View Post
I suppose the real challenge would be convincing paper jockeys that a less powerful car could be better than a more powerful one. I won't hold my breath for this, but would be in line for one if they went this route.
This is a BIG challenge. This could only be successful if the M2 - although having 2 cyl. less and 20hp less - beats the F20 M135i clearly not only in driving dynamics but also in straight line.... but in straight line, this would be almost impossible with 20 hp less, 50 NM less and only 50-80kg less weight... not to speak about the current 1M Coupe with 340hp+ and 500NM overboost!