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I wonder if VAG will continue with the I5 TFSI past the current generation of cars? They seem to be backing away from the N/A I5 from what I can tell, so will the turbo version continue? I could see them falling back on the I4 2.0 TFSI for future PQ3*-based performance offerings. Just thinking out loud there.

Anyway, AFAIK, the M2 engine situation is no more clear today than it has been in the past. Even the M3/M4 engine is still a topic of debate. Maybe the M 6 cylinder will blow us away as far as hp/L achievements, paving way for a similar I4.

As for the chance of 6 cyl 1/2 series, maybe it will become more clear after they've unveiled the 3-door and the N20-based models in Geneva.

Originally Posted by manuelf View Post
Are there any updated "rumors" regarding engine choice of the upcoming F22 M2?

My thoughts about this:
As there are currently signs (according to this thread) that a F21 M135i is coming with a N55 320hp engine, I now somewhat question the possibility that the upcoming M2 is getting a FI 4cyl engine.
If the base of such an I4 Turbo would be the 2 liter N20, I can't imagine how they manage to achieve getting notable higher output than 320hp out of N20... what is needed imho due to the following aspects:

1. F22 M2 will not be that much lighter than normal F22 N55 due to costs. So it definetly needs at least the same or better more power.

2. The competition (namely Audi, which is pushing the R5-Turbo of TT-RS/RS-3 currently to 380 hp in the upcoming TT-RS+) is putting out way over 350hp in the future and are also investing heavily in making their cars lighter...

So even if BMW is abandoning the idea of putting a 320hp N55 in the F2x platform it doesn't help in permitting to equip the M2 with a ~300 hp engine as the competition doesn't care ....