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I love those wheels. Vendors?

Originally Posted by EngPhys09 View Post
Please BMW stop making X drive cars! We don't need them here. Also please stop making auto transmissions. All we need is a 6 spd.

Maybe make the 1 series inline 6, six speed in the middle and rear wheel drive. Oh and also remove that stupid traction control and put a proper LSD.
Yeah. Sure. Put a proper LSD in the 1series so it directly competes with the M3. That sounds smart. Oh, and take out the automatic. Sure, that's a great idea...unless you want to eliminate 95% of the buyers of the 1 series. BMW is not a specialty auto company. They build for the masses, and the masses in North America don't buy or drive stick. If BMW didn't have the support of automatic transmission sales, the 1 wouldn't exist in the USA.