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F20 newbie questions

Hi gents,

I have recently bought a F20 116i sport-line 2014 18000km and I have a few questions I would like you to answer please.

1) The car has strange tires not listed in the technical sheet or tire pressure sheet. The tires are Continental WinterContact TS 850 P RFT 225/55 R16 95H. Could you please suggest me the right pressure for them? Empty weight=1395kg., fully loaded 1885kg.

2) I am very disappointed by the fuel consumption. I was told the car is a small economical hatchback however the fuel consumption is about 9-10l/100km in comfort mode and driving really economical - 4-5 stars in EfficientDynamics analysis. In eco mode i have 8.4l/100km lovest. I drive about 2km urban, 8km extra urban and 2km urban again. That is a bit far from the value from technical sheet (5.6l/100km combined). Outside temperature is about 0 or a few deg. below. Tire pressure is 2.1 front and 2.3 back. Is it ok or should i check something?

3) When i shut the engine off by the start button, the radio wont switch off till i push the start button again. Is there a way to make the car shut down completely?

Thank you for your answers.