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Originally Posted by Vervain
Originally Posted by Falafel Combo
BTW, love this car! Design is head and shoulders over the droopy last gen! I'm sure it looks even better in person.

You can't compare it to other BMW's though. You have to think of this in terms or the Ford Focus, GTI, Mazda3 and Audi A3's out there. When you put them side by side, and run them around the track, the BMW immediately stands out.

Sorry for not reading, but is this made on the FWD platform they have been talking about for so long? Or is it still RWD?
It's only the LCI so it's still rwd.
Aside from the 1M, I think this is likely to be the peak in how good a 1 series gets (M135i or 125d), next gen go UKL FWD transverse engines like the rest of the pedestrian hatchback world.