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Originally Posted by Dim73 View Post
Have you checked out Mineral White? It looks very nice, much better than Alpine White IMHO.
I know Mineral White is a great color, my dad had a 3-series in MW, but it's not available with the M-Package, which is a must have for me.

@elstoof: As I said M-Package is a must have! Do you think the non-auto climate control is enough? Because I would take the auto-control.

You guys with EB: Does the paiting like "shine" in the sun? If you know what i mean, sorry for my english.

@boutan: My dad now has an X3 35d with the 8 speed-sport-auto and it's phenomenal!! Absolutely stunning! But i guess with the engine of the 116i it's not as much fun as with your 125i, so i will definitely take a manual.

I see that most of you would take EB over AW. The washing wouldn't be a problem for me, because I like washing my car.

After reading all your posts and looking at all pictures from another thread, I made my choice and it will be Estoril Blue. It's a special color, which I don't see often or never here at my place and it looks absolutely stunning with the M-Package.

Thank you all very very much for your help! It's great that I get so much answers on such a "stupid" question, so thank you again!
Have a good time, I wish you a happy Easter!