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Originally Posted by KoenG View Post
Correct, what a stupidity of the design department and Adrian!? Some think it wil grow on us after some years, but this is plain bs really. I never experienced this with other hickups like e.g. the E65 which was a dreadful horror also then, but also now. So bad design now == bad design tomorrow, and 1-series has really bad design. It will not be a trendsetter, F20/21 never will be considered a beauty.

Sad BMW has chosen for a lowest-tier design, while it wouldn't have costed them anything to do it right! They had the edge with their RWD platform, leading to small overhangs and long hoods, but still decide to mess up massively.

Even my 4 yr and 6yr old sons see this mistake immediately: "dad, what is the make of this ugly car???"... I guess the top designers of BMW have less easthetical skills than my children, just leaving their dipers.

How,o God, How is this still possible????
self importance, bad command chain and no self-criticism
anyway, I heard that after this avalanche of new models, there will be a great cleaning action (some too important should get wings-Red Bull)