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LSD noob question

Myself using an xDrive F10 for long distance trips mainly, I'm thinking of leasing the M135i as a second car with double role: a DD for my wifey, and a "true-bimmer" toy for myself. Problem is, my wife has never driven RWD car before (not to mention a 320 HP one), so I'm concerned with potential inconvenience it might create for her, especially in winter and lots of snow we often have here... With FWD she's used to it's always easier to drive in the snow. On the other hand, for my own selfish purposes, I wouldn't like to make it an AWD car so xDrive is out of question here...

My question is: Will fitting the car with LSD (whose main purpose I know of course) also help avoid getting stuck on a slippery road by blocking the spinning wheel and increasing the torque (hence traction) on both rear wheels, or does LSD only do its job in curves at speed?
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