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bertybassett, the dealership is not taking you seriously. For whatever reason, they do not think you are actually going to buy. They probably think you are still looking round at various cars etc.

To be fair to them, they get this a lot, if they spent maximum time with every customer they would lose money hand over fist because of all the chancers. You need to come over as a serious buyer ready to do a deal.

I can walk into my dealership and the guy will happily spend the whole day with me test driving cars and discussing options if i want. That's because i have built up a relationship and a track record of buying BMWs, if he didnt know me from Adam, i wouldnt get that sort of attention.

The discounts only come out when the deal is ready to be done. Otherwise they know you will just walk away and get another dealer to beat what they have done.

Here would be my advice. Use the configurator on the BMW site to work out exactly what car you want. Then use the finance calculator on the site to work out how much it would be with no discount. Then take 10% off the list price and work out what the finance will be per month. You can do this exactly using Excel if you know what you're doing with APR calculations, but just a rough ball park guess will do.

Then take a print out into the dealer, say you want that car for that price. Now use their own sales closing tactics against them. Say you're willing to put the deposit down right away if they agree to it, but if not you've been speaking to another dealer and you'll see if they will be prepared to do it. (Make sure it is a different dealer, i.e not another branch of the same dealer).

Stick to your guns, stay in control and walk away if you don't get what you want.

If when you tell them what you want, they go off into a backroom to discuss it with the manager, you know your close, otherwise they would have just said no right off the bat.

Don't be fooled, when they are discussing it, they are probably talking about the football, they know exactly what discount they can give you they just want you to think they are trying to get you a really good deal.

It's all about the way you come over. If you have confidence and look like you know what you are doing, you'll get a deal. If you look like you're not ready to buy, or will just give in and accept the list price, you'll get the list price.
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