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Originally Posted by mvaccaro View Post
they better put something more like the Z2 headlights or even the ones in the new 1er hatch on the 2 series... cause those round lights look like a piece of crap....

Stop it with the retro look .... I don't want a car that looks 30 years old...... like when you sit on a 2012 Ford Mustang and you need to look at that hidious interior from the 50's
+1 F those round headlights on 2-series. BMW thinks the mini cooper crowd will gravitate to a fun-loving 2-series? You cant mix sharp and round headlights like that on an otherwise nice German car.

Everyone suggesting BMW is going to too many models is absolutely correct.

I think this thread has more bad news in it than the one about the 3-series and M models.

JOY is being offered in manual transmission and RWD.

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