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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
The Z2 is a smaller concept now than before , now it is using the more compact modular UKL Platform.
The Z2 will now share the platform with the next generation of MINI Coupe and Roadster. The Z2 might be rechristened Z1.

The Z2 effectively beckons the return of the Z3. With the next Z4 moving to become the Z5. Z3 is something BMW are wanting to return to because the name was hugely popular when the car was launched in 1995 , despite its ancient platform and mechanicals. Customers in droves bought the new Z3 and in certain parts of the world , Z3 waiting lists were up to two years long.

The Z3 name has always been earmarked for return.
Scott, the enthusiasts feel slapped in the face by the Z2 being FWD - clearly it seems BMW is favoring sales volume over quality sports car with a Z3-like cult following.

We don't want a BMW miata, don't want a BMW S2000, we as you said, want the rebirth of the Z3, its intimate size, its great handling.

A few weeks ago I was starting to think Z2 was axed altogether because of BMW silence, now with its picture on the front page of bimmerpost I celebrated, but FWD has crushed any dreams of a nice small BMW roadster (and maybe coupe).

I see that the Z2 may not have any 6 cylinder offering, and I'm ok with that - would work fine in a small car, but for the love of spirited driving, make the Z2 RWD.

JOY is being offered in manual transmission and RWD.
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