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Originally Posted by John_01 View Post
I can't see the sense in making the M2 a 4-cylinder and I don't believe that is going to become reality. I think its probably a lie to increse sales of the current model 135i and 1M coupe. Actually I thinking of getting one, just in case I am wrong!!

* The market demands a 6-cylinder sports car.
* M2 is not a high volume model, and I doubt there is much difference in fuel consumption.
* The F20 series chassis can fit a 3.0 litre six.
* BMW tradition has been built on 6-cylinder engines, and they have always been wonderful engines.

How can it possibly make sense not to give the buyers what they want?!?
m2 = 4 cyl
m3 = 6 cyl
m5 & m6 = 8 cyl

Makes perfect sense.

* The market demands a 6-cylinder sports car.

Where did you get that information?
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Straight PIITB. Then eat dumplings.
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