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All exciting news.

Glad that the 2002 is in some way coming back as a 2 Series. I reckon thats pretty awesome I remember many years ago before the 1 Series even existed of the rumours of a 2 Series small coupe - it will finally be realised in a lightweight form

However, the switch for the Z2 to become FWD is absolutely disgraceful. BMW risks the reputation of the Z2 of being similar to that of the Z3 had as being a bit of a soft sports car. I'm actually really upset about this - I thought we were recently promised that the new FWD BMWs would not get in the way of producing cars we really truly love and lust after.

BMW M and BMWi collaboration is certainly very exciting - full carbonfibre construction with high-revving BMW 4 cylinder engine sounds extremely exciting to me!!!
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