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Originally Posted by Artemis View Post
And about the "stripper v. loaded" discussion. All comes down to personal preferences. If you're using the 1M for track purposes only, get it as stripped as possible. But if you and your significant other are using the 1M as daily driver in real life situations, then don't mind to get the comfort of available bells and whistles, even if it increases weight and fuel consumption and only marginally impacts performance and maximum driving joy. No prizes to win by outrunning other cars at traffic-lights. To each his own.
Artemis, great post, just wanted to clarify two small things.

We were talking about whether the M2 will be lighter, better in 4 or 6 cylinder.. more club racer, etc. I chimed in that I'm skeptical because BMW looks at how we buy cars to decide how to build future models. Since most ///M cars are loaded automatics, they look at that when they decide how to build the next car....especially the M2.

I admit again that I've gotten carried away in the past on this and sorry about that, but in this case I was using it to support my skepticism on how club racer the M2 will be since most ///M cars are loaded.

I met with a some BMW folk at Garching that that's what I was told. They also mentioned the M5 to me saying almost 96% of their M5s are ordered in automatic and they don't want to put money in the manual transmission. Only the US forces them to do it because some people still buy them. Once the number get lower, they will no longer offer it.

As far as Dr. Kay, I think someone else might have alluded that he lost his job because of the 1M. I wasn't and don't know either way, I just credit him with getting the 1M through the barriers and being the guiding vision.
Since he is gone, I don't think there someone with that same vision guiding the M2?

On a positive note, I had lost hope after the E46 M3 went away but BMW surprised me with the 1M and I put my money where my mouth is and bought one with great effort.

Like all fans that care about ///M I want them to kick butt.

As you said, it's about personal choice and that is a great point. You should be able to buy lightweight and loaded, manual or automatic. I'm just worried that if my choice is lightweight, manual, then I might not have a choice in the future. I hope that makes sense.

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