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Originally Posted by formula M View Post
Yes, I understand the hurdles Dr Kay Segler had to overcome to bring us the 1M "Pony Car". It was that^ same level of enthusiasm, that cost him his job.
As far as I remember Dr. Segler came over from Mini and after succesfully completing the 1M project went back to Mini. Where did you read or hear that the 1M Project "cost him his job" ? Man, BMW should award this guy a medal or fat bonus, because the 1M Project exceeded all expectations, even tht tremendously that around September 2011 BMW decided to significantly increase the initial production figure of 2,700 to 6,242 ( It earned BMW top dollar and extra esteem for ///M cars, like a fresh breath of air or new blood. The 1M Project was a gamble that could have turned so badly, a test case whether the market was ready for a nimble high performance BMW car and additional ///M clients, notwithstanding the ongoing economic crisis. People could have blamed BMW that they should have known that the world was not particularly waiting for a 1M type of car.

Probably you're referring to the fact that 1M might have cannabilized M3 sales, turning potential M3 clients into 1M buyers. But, wait a second, isn't that rather a tell-tale sign about the concept of the current gen M3 ? Personally I never planned to exchange my E46 M3 for an E9X M3. But then the 1M came up the radar and I was sold on the idea: it was the best next thing around the corner - the new kid in town, and a bloody skilled one. Without the 1M I was probably still driving my M3, waiting for the next gen M3 (a bit like upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7, deliberately skipping the Windows Vista stage) or P-car.

And about the "stripper v. loaded" discussion. All comes down to personal preferences. If you're using the 1M for track purposes only, get it as stripped as possible. But if you and your significant other are using the 1M as daily driver in real life situations, then don't mind to get the comfort of available bells and whistles, even if it increases weight and fuel consumption and only marginally impacts performance and maximum driving joy. No prizes to win by outrunning other cars at traffic-lights. To each his own.
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