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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
You guys still get a choice in UK here in US they are making it very difficult to get a manual if that's what you like. Some of us yanks don't like being told you can only have an automatic.., I guess it's an American thing.
I know where youre coming from on this and I agree its more than ridiculous.

GeeRam for ex... My younger sister wanted a 2Dr. NISSAN Altima coupe WITH a manual gearbox. Sounds like a pretty standard request no?

They wanted to charge her an ADDITIONAL $2500 to "special order" one with a manual. I almost lost my lunch in disgust when she told me about this. (obviously she told them they can go..... )

It's crazy to think that a silly little import company like Nissan does this, it used to cost extra for the damn automatics! Ridiculous
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