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Originally Posted by logiclee View Post
And to the poster comparing a 118d to a 125i it's torque at the wheels that determine how fast you accelerate so as well as engine output you also need to factor in the gearing. By 2800rpm the 118d's torque is already falling away sharply, the 125i' is still producing maximum torque at 4800rpm and still has 80% torque at 6000rpm This allows the 125i to take advantage of the gearing as revving allows it to stay in a lower gear much longer and thus multiplying the torque at the wheels. Even in gear times are far quicker in the 125i as the petrol has 20% lower overall gearing and thus 20% more torque at the wheels in any given gear.

I agree, when you drive all the way up, the 125i is of course no match. When you drive cool and relaxed and keep the d in it's torque band, there is no sensible difference at all.

I can understand the torque comes in less progressive, but that doesn't really bother me. The serious extra frugality is more than compensating this.

Of course, when you are ready to pay much more to have this extra fun high up once in a while, you probably should! I'd guess that the running costs for a 118d and a 125i here in Belgium with about 20,000mls/yr would be a factor 1,8 apart. This is without the tickets and fines you'll most probably get with the latter.