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Originally Posted by KoenG View Post
BTW, what I forgot to mention, I drive the 520dF10 (163hp/380Nm) and 530iE39 (231hp/300Nm). So the 530i would be far superior don't you think?

Well it's only mildly superior when you can drive at speeds that put you behind bars immediately and when you keep rpm +4000... All other conditions the 520d is better and feels like a superior engine (I don't compare the cars, since the F10 really obliterates the E39 of course!).

The 530i even frustrates by its lack of grunt under the 3000rpm. Oh yeah, average consumption 520d = 6,1l/100km and 530i=13l/100km. So, again, the 118d is way, way, way superior to the 116i.
I agree completely with what Koen says. Of course here in Belgium we are all a bit more diesel-fans because it has grown over the years. Diesel being a lot cheaper to drive, especially when you do a lot of KMs, is a big reason for this.

Apart from this, I used to drive an E87 118d which was an ok car(my first BMW so very ok for me at the time). When I was looking for a new car couple of months ago, I also started out with checking out the 116i, mostly for its HP. I took it for a test drive and found it ok, but not noticeably better than my old 118d.
Eventually I ended up buying my new 116D ED which I have had now for +- 6 weeks and I got to say it drives a LOT better than both my old 118d AND the 116i. Theres just no comparison to the amount of torque thats available in the low RPM's with a diesel engine.
In your case, having the 118D, this will be even better than my little 116dED.

So, don't change it. It will end up costing you a lot of money, as others have pointed out. And, more importantly, I am convinced you won't be impressed by the 116i.

I hope this helps you!

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