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Originally Posted by hufc2002 View Post
Afternoon all

So I have had my F20 118d M Sport since late June but after reading lots of stark reviews re the 116i, I often ask myself have I bought the right engine?

I cover at least 12k miles per year and on the basis that I had a E87 118d SE that averaged 53mpg, I opted for the d as I knew I would get excellent fuel consumption of at least 53 mpg and I am (car has average 56mpg over its first 5000 miles).

The diesel was 1960 more expensive (list) than the 116i but I factored in the fuel cost, mileage and car tax and came to the conclusion that I would be better off with the 118d than the 116i. Now I am not so sure.

Yes it is very economical and a great drive and if I was to keep it for 4 years then I wouldn't complain but what are my options if I wanted to change for a 116i?

Would this be worthwhile or would I lose too much money?

On the basis of the 116i averaging 42mpg, my monthly PCP on the 116i would have to be about 30 less than what I am paying now to be worthwhile financially.

Any views/thoughts would be welcomed?
Don't change at all... you can savely avoid wasting time in test driving it also, I'am pretty certain about this! The 116i is a nice car, but has about 35% less torque in the band uptil ~3200rpm where you are probably +90% of the time.

Under relaxed/normal driving conditions, the 118d equals a 125i in "grunt". Of course the 118d revs out much earlier resulting in choked torque delivery higher up and has less rpm range/reach. A 116i has a flatter and longer torque delivery but is not capable to make up for the deficit of torque.

So here it is: the 118d is a far superior engine in low and mid ranges and even when you rev it up, the 116i can barely match just before rev limiter.

And then I'am not even mentioning that the diesel consumes 20% less!

Don't switch for 116i, only go for 125i or M135i (but then the TCO goes up with about 30 to 60%!)... even a 118i will disappoint and will not be worth the switch. I believe you made a splendid choice with the 118d!