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Originally Posted by hufc2002 View Post
So in short you are saying I would prefer my 118d over the 116i?
In "short" Im saying: Make up your own opinion based on your own driving style, economy and preferences. I believe you will not find the differences as big as you might think, and maybe even prefer the diesel for your type of driving and commuting. Especially when taking fuel economy and the fact that you already own the car you do into the equation.

I don't think the odds are that large for that you would be willing to trade down on HP, down on torque, down on fuel economy and the potentially large hassle to change car because you might prefer the character of the petrol engine better.
You could say something like. But the 116I have more hp and torque than claimed.. Most new BMW engines have more power than rated.. Yours probably have too.

Enthusiasts on forums are often more for petrol engines, me included. Its easy to get carried away when others talk about petrol engines, how the engines perform, advantages etc..

I say, make up your own opinion based on your own experience. Often you will find reviews and other peoples opinions to be a little different than yours.
I certainly would not even consider swapping out your car in some way when you're not even sure about the 116I.
I have driven the 116I (short drive) and have no experience with 118D. But im pretty sure that if I had one of them I would not bother changing to the other..
Of course, if you live in an area with extremely low temperatures, or are doing a lot of track time. Or taking lots of very small 5-10 min drives. Petrol is generally preferred.. (but not everyone choice)
Since you did not mention any of those things I assume you are just fine with a more fuel efficient and slight more powerful 118D. Especially since you mentioned fuel efficiency in your first post.
Again, try the 116I for yourself if you are in doubt..
And please share your findings if you do...

Edit: Looks like you have a very nice car btw! Love the color.