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I have the media dock for Iphone 4 and it is seriously over priced for how little functionality it adds. I regret getting BMW Apps option and the dock totally.

The "functionality" you get with the dock is:

- BMW Connected App (if you have bmw apps option). This is a waste of money as it gets old after a few weeks and you will never use it again. Mostly because the "apps" are very limited and VERY un-user friendly. You don't want to spend 2-3 min every time you get in the car to get it going before you can drive off.

- Power charging (this you get with the normal USB connection anyway)

- Play songs you have on the iPhone, controlling them thru iDrive (you get this with the standard USB too)

(Let me know if I have missed some function please. )

In conclusion, this is the most pointless thing you can get for the 1-series. I wish I could sell my media dock for iPhone 4, but i doubt anyone wants to buy it....

So I hope the iphone 5 dock gets some useful user friendly features, if not then save your money and use the standard USB-plug.