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I've driven both...much prefer the Z4M.

Almost 10 inch difference In wheelbase. The Z4M is a riot. Never cared that much for the E46 M3's good but not for me.
Yeah, I think the choice is really between your 1M, if going more modern, or the E30 M3. As cool as some of the Z cars are, that's always been the domain of Porsche to me, so I can't really think of a Z model that I wouldn't choose a Porsche over, outside of maybe a Z8. BMW's strength was always in small, practical coupes/sedans that compete in performance with sportier cars, and the 1M is really the only BMW M to carry on that tradition since the E30. The M2 is the closest thing there is currently, but it still feels big and dead compared to an E82 (I've not driven the Competition version, yet, though.)
Have driven the M2C didn't care for it really. M2C is no real improvement over the M2 IMO. More power is not what that car needed; more agility and spirit is what it needed and the M2C just felt dull to me, personally. Not sure I understand the hype at all.

I honestly don't think BMW will be able to get back to an agile small coupe again...and yeah I agree with you that the essence of BMW is in the small 2 door coupe that can do it all! We haven't really seen that since the E8X 1-series IMO.

The Original Gangster M2 has so much character, it's almost perfect just as it is.