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Originally Posted by nachob View Post
[B]//M folk ar Garching that the 1M was an attempt to recapture younger club types and they were watching to see how it went and they were surprised by the success but also surprised about how people wanted more of features/colors etc.
I don't understand your comments on club racing and recapturing the younger club types? Was there ever a younger crowd? The E30 M3 was $34k back in 1988 or +$60k in 2012 dollars. What percentage of the 15,000 E30 M3 sold do you think the younger crowd bought? The 1M and M2 were/are being made to offer an M product at a price point that can be afforded by the younger crowd. From my observation, the majortiy of the younger crowd M owners have flocked to the E9x M3 because of its sophisitcation and luxo GT qualities and most know little of the history behind M.

I'm glad you're finally acknowledging that you're beating a dead horse with your stipper 1M comments for weight savings. How many times have you tracked, not autocrossed, your 1M and how much of an advantage was the 50# you saved? I'll stop picking on you if you promise to never bring up you stripper BS weight savings comments.

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