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Hi Mark,

I've seen the term 60 plate etc on cars before. What does this actually mean? Australian here.



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Hi All,

My name is Mark and i have just registered today but have been reading the forum over the last few weeks. At the moment I drive a 60 plate Ford Fiesta Zetec S (don't hold this against me). A few weeks ago i was looking for a new car ranging from a volvo C30 to Audi when i stumbled into my local BMW dealer. Over that weekend i ended up signing for a 116i Sport in crimson red with black mirror caps. I didn't know much about the extras on BMW's at the time, wish i did now as i would have added more to it, but i unded up adding Interior Comfort Pack and Sun Protection Pack. I got the dealer to add in Gap Insurance, Service Pack and Supagard for a little over 280 for all 3, thought that was a good deal.

I now take delivery of the car at 13:00 on 1 March and can not wait

The thing what interests me about these places is you think that you have a good deal and then read what others have paid and you start to question your purchase. All i can add to this is that if you are happy with the deal you got it doesn't matter what everyone else gets, that's my motto any way.

I will post some pics when i collect the car.