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Originally Posted by PaulUK View Post
90% of people think that it looks like a dog.
I decided to do a little bit of analysis of this thread to disprove this ridiculous statement. Now this isn't very scientific but it is interesting.

Despite being one arguing in favour of the looks of the new 1er, i expected to find that the majority of people didn't like it, i just wanted to back up my claims that its not anything like what this guy claims.

Here's what i found

% of posts neither for nor against the new 1er, or expressing both positive and negatives: 20.22

% of posts for the new 1er 46.07%

% of posts against the new 1er 33.71

So why do we have the perception that most people don't like it? Could it be because the haters are just shouting louder than everyone else?

I wonder what the %s would be like if you stripped out all people from countries that are not getting the car. Even more in favour i would guess.
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