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Originally Posted by advantage20 View Post
You are right about the power proximity that would then exist within the 2er range, but will BMW just replace the M Sport 306ps 235i with a more expensive 320ps ///M235i? If yes, then indeed the -35i suffix will be free to use on the ///M135i and ///M235i instead of the -40i.
I don't think they will "replace" anything. Instead they'll have just an M235i to begin with, never offering a 235i at all.

I couldn't say how much power it will have, exactly. Certainly somewhere in between the most powerful N20-based F2x offering and the M2. I would say the standard N55 @ ~300hp is a good bet, with the ~320hp version also being possible but less likely, in order to give the M2 more breathing room.

But there would still be a confusion between the 335i and the ///M335i : the latter has more power and is more upmarket yet it sounds too much like the 335i. On top of that, the ///M3..i should get 340ps (not 320ps like the ///M1..i) in order to fight the Audi S4 and to create a power gap with the 306ps, so ///M340i makes more sense to me than ///M335i.
As I said, I don't think an M335i is in the cards. We'll likely get an M340i instead.

And here again, I couldn't say how much power the car might have. Somewhere between the 335i and the M3. I suppose 340hp sounds about right - just a little below where the M2 will probably fall, and very comfortably below the M3.