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I'll take that bet. Although, really we are talking about more like 2020 or even later since the 2 is still quite a ways off yet. It most likely won't go on sale until 2014.

I don't think BMW will be able to deliver a suitable follow up to the 2, and especially the M2, on the UKL (or any other FWD) chassis. I suppose one could argue the same thing for the future 1 hatchbacks, especially compared against the new M135i, but we will see. The A45 in pre-release form has garnered good marks. I think BMW can top it, especially given all the experience they have with Mini and JCW.

But, like I say, with the 2/M2, I really think they will have to stick with RWD. The M135i is no 1M, and presumably no M2 either. There will be a gap there that I think they will seek to widen even further next time by using two separate strategies and platforms.

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That's an interesting theory. You're guessing that BMW will use the F3X replacement platform to underpin the next-generation 2-series models (post F2X), rather than use the UKL platform that will be used in the post-F2X 1-series models. UKL is going to be much closer in size to the next-generation 2-series cars than the post-F3X 3-series platform will be, though. You're banking on that 3-series platform to be very flexible...

I'd love to see your theory come true, because I'm a firm believer that the world will always need a small RWD sedan. I guess we'll see in five years. Winner buys the other a beer in 2017?