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Originally Posted by Remonster View Post
I would argue that the FWD-based Haldex systems of these cars is exactly their problem.
And you may have a valid point, but they seem to get good reviews in general. The TT RS especially has compared favorably to other similarly-sized cars, even stable mates like the Cayman. Some of that is helped by the I5 turbo engine which gets a lot of love. It will be interesting to see if VAG can follow up with something as compelling with four cylinders as Mercedes and BMW will attempt to do.

But I digress. In the small car market, RWD is a rarity. BMW's strategy involves both FWD and RWD cars now, but the volume sellers are all going to be FWD going forward. I think they will come up with some compelling "hot hatch"es that, despite not being RWD, nevertheless outpace the competition.
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