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Originally Posted by Antares View Post
The 2 series Gran Coupe is far from a done deal.
The car's chassis code is public now (thanks to SCOTT) so it appears to be coming in all likelihood. That doesn't mean you can't debate it further, but it probably isn't the most exciting of discussions given the evidence. Just my opinion.

As for FWD M products (which makes for a much more interesting debate), which would potentially include an M Sedan 1 Series, I don't think we can rule it out at all. But I would expect hatchbacks before a sedan simply because the M2 GC will probably cover the market pretty well for those who want a small four door M. I use FWD loosely however - it would be more accurrate to say AWD Haldex. In any case, with products like the RS3 and TTRS (and coming A45 and CLA45) garnering such praise, it appears you don't need a RWD chassis to build a great small performance car (the key there being "small" - heavier, large cars need more power and really do best with the engine pointed north-south).
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