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I don't know why some of you are pretending like there's no fun to drive FWD hatchback with premium feel out there. Did we all forget about the GTI? That is the car that created the entire segment for god's sake. And at its current iteration, it is an excellent small car that is both practical and fun with a nice interior. Plus it looks about a thousand times better than the F20.

I personally don't buy the argument that this won't dilute the brand because even though it's FWD, it will somehow distinguish itself from other as the driver's choice. Well, according to AutoCar the F20 already failed to do that against the FWD rivals. So why do we think that the FWD version would be better? Keep in mind that their recent offerings are no longer the sportiest in their segments, and consistently so. This is a pattern, not a fluke.

BMW is moving towards the middle, becoming more and more like MB. That is their way of tapping into the mainstream luxury market, and it has so far proven successful. They are counting on the brand image to keep the customers that desire something sporty, while attracting new, more mainstream customers. It seems to be working, judging by so many members here automatically assuming that this car will be the driver's car in its segment. I remain skeptical. To be clear, I don't worry about exclusivity, but I do worry about the loss of character that made this company what it is today.