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This is the real deal (I think) about the headlights.
Actually, because The Compactive Sport Tourer will be a 1er - The Bloodline that begins with the F20 is apparent on this car. The headlights also follow through with the extra "arrow" point because for BMW it illustrates a new interpretation for the headlights because the BMW shape is now intensively immitated by our competitors either in shape or characteristic double round headlamps. It is only natural for BMW to carve out some new inspiration in it's much xeroxed features by competitors and other manufacturers.

If nothing else the CNBC show underscores this point above all - in the end there is nothing in the game that BMW continues to master.
BMW sets the rules and maintains a level with no other players.
The question is nothing to do with BMW eroding their brand or slipping up so that the competition are fast catching up.
If anything BMW products remain to speak for themselves and this is evident not only in sales , but image and the cars themselves.
Why is it with all key segments the top car is a BMW?

Personally I believe the competition are catching up because they are immitating the BMW image in every where possible especially with marketing. Even when it is nothing like how a BMW drives. I see some ads go on about the dynamism etc when testing proves otherwise compared to the BMW.
The M850i is evidence that BMW have got their mojo back when it comes to dynamic sports cars...