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Originally Posted by hector View Post
has it been confirmed or even suggested that the 6 cyl. engines will persist in the line-up once the M2 4 cyl. comes out?
It has been neither confirmed nor refuted.

My opinion is that the 6 cylinder M135i model will remain in the lineup for the lifetime of the current F20/F21. Obviously that model will go away when the next generation front wheel drive platform takes over. In the meantime, there probably won't be much of an overlap period between the M135i and the M2 due to the fact that the 2 launch will trail the 1 launch by about three years, and the M2 will come even later yet.

For the future 2 Series lineup, the situation is less clear. Will there be just a standard 235i or just an M235i or both? Will the latter, if it exists, go away once the M2 arrives?

might the n20 +/- a little more tweaking to say 260-270hp or so become the top non-M model?
In the future, this seems quite possible. For now, I think the N55 (or successor) will be there in the 2.
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