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Originally Posted by KoenG
Yes, the C32AMG also crossed my mind since very comparable specs. I admired the car then because of the massive torque over the rpm band it delivered.

Why not the A4 RS (V6 bi-turbo) of the same period then: 380hp and 440Nm. Very comparable performance figures, efficiency was about 30 to 40% down in 1998 though.

Well both the C as the A4 costed about double what the M135i lays you back these days (inflation corrected of course). And running cost where about 3 times higher.

Man, you'd have to love modern technology! Serious power has (almost) become a commodity...
One thing that Quattro Audis have that nobody else can replicate is traction, and no matter what other manufacturers use, they can't touch the Audi's traction in the wet. One thing that I find the M135i is similar to Mercedes is, constant yellow flashing lights on the dash.