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I have the genuine BMW cable, and it works fine. The only slight problem is that the sound quality is sh*t!!

I use a USB stick for music, and the iPod for podcasts/audiobooks. I am amazed BMW can't sort this and allow iPod control and playback through a USB port. Every other car manufacturer seems to be able to manage it (including my old Audi).

On a side note, has anyone noticed that when you select the random option, it plays the songs in the same random order each time (depending on which song you select to listen to first). I have 3000 songs on my USB stick, and when I plug it in it plays the first alphabetical song. If I switch on random at this point, it then plays songs in a non alphabetical order, but always the same songs. If I plug it in and select song 2 from the alphabetical list and then go random, it plays different songs, but always in the same order.

It is a pity that USB doesn't support playlists.