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Originally Posted by NeilC View Post
Hi all,

Just to add, it all comes down to where the Digital/Analogue conversion takes place. By using the Y-cable, the conversion is done by the iPod/iPhone. This is notoriously bad. A lot of people use the Apple iPod docks to listen to music on their hifi, which again is awful quality. What you need is an Onkyo style dock which allows you to output the digital signal direct to your Amp or seperate DAC.

Buy plugging a digital device directly into the USB device (be it a USB stick or an iPod) the Digital/Analogue conversion is done by the head unit. The BMW head units seem to do a fairly good job of this.

I do have the Y-cable, but only use it to listen to audiobooks/podcasts from my iPod. I use a 32Gb USB stick to listen to my music files (which sound quite reasonable).

The question is, why can you use the USB direct with the advanced bluetooth option, and more to the point, why can't they explain this properly so that we would have ordered this option?
because they are money makers- and our dealers dont understand the tech