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Originally Posted by dreamweaver View Post
It does make me wonder why you have a button on the fob to open the boot when you still have to pull the handle to open it anyway. The boot on the F30 opens fully so why couldn't they just have this as standard on the 1?
I find the boot button to be useless also. In the UK, if you use this to open your boot when the car is locked, and then close your boot: it does indeed lock the boot. What also happens tho is it unlocks the rest of your car and leaves this unlocked. I queried this with my dealership and was told that this has been programmed into UK market cars to prevent people locking their keys in the car (apparently we british citizens are the worst for this). I would rather it just left the boot unlocked afterwards, least you are forced to use the car lock button afterwards! I used to use it until i realised the rest of my car was being left unlocked after use; My delareship said to forget the button exists and just unlock/lock as normal

Anyone else from the UK have this behaviour, or is my dealership fobbing (excuse the pun) me off?