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Originally Posted by Faust View Post
I don't quite get it. Scott26 never mentioned a RWD sedan on the current platform. Instead he mentioned a FWD sedan of the next generation 1-Series and a RWD 2-Series Gran Coupe. Which platform this will be based on? And what is the point to arrive around 2015 since in theory there will also be a 2-Series Gran Coupe M AND a FWD 1-Series sedan? Confusing stuff.
There will not be both a FWD and RWD 1 Series sedan. It is one or the other. The 2 Series Gran Coupe, on the other hand, will be RWD for certain.

I am more inclined to believe that the 1 Series sedan itself will be FWD, as SCOTT suggested in his recent post. We already know that, starting next generation, 1 Series hatchback models will move to the FWD platform shared with all other future 1 Series models. It seems most likely to me that the current F20/F21 (and E84 X1) are going to be the last of the RWD 1 Series vehicles. Everthing else coming out from now on in this class will probably use UKL.

The good news for those who really want a RWD three-box, four-door vehicle smaller than a 3 Series (I may be one of those people myself at some point), there will be the 2GC. And, plus, there will in all likelihood be an M model and six cylinder models as well. Of course, it will be priced higher than the 1 Series sedan, however. Still, I expect an M2 GC to be no more expensive than an M335i (or M340i) which to me makes it a more attractive proposition than the larger offering.