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Originally Posted by advantage20 View Post
You got it, you'll be asked to pay more for a 4 cylinders than for 6

It makes sense that the M6 gets an 8 cylinders, the M4 a 6 cylinder and the M2 a 4 cylinders, status-wise and CO² emissions-wise. But indeed it apparently doesn't make sense to have the lower market M135i get the inline-6 while the hardcore M2 get 2 less cylinders...

I guess they will justify this difference as follows: the M135i is a GT oriented (sporty indeed but more cruising oriented than brutal driving) compact car, significantly sporty but otherwise a practical everyday car (hatch), sufficiently comfortable and very pleasant to drive around due to its very onctuous engine (large 3.0 displacement, not excessively high turbo boost...); while the M2 will be marketed as a hardcore, lightweight (4 cylinders) compact coupé (not as practical as the hatch), with better weight ratio (lighter engine), driving much more raw and not as onctuous as the inline-6 (less displacement, big turbo pressure...) and naturally less comfortable (so clearly a hardcore small supercar more than a GT), but ultimately the exclusivity, lightweight and higher performance numbers of the M2 (not difficult technically) will justify it having 2 less cylinders, and M enthusiasts will accept it as so, thinking that the drawbacks of an inline-4 vs the previous 1M inline-6 and vs the current M135i inline-6 are all good
Maybe, maybe this makes sense for a M135 hatch vs. an M2 Coupe
but there is no way in hell BMW can justify or market a M135 Sedan with 6 cylinders alongside an M2 GC with 4 cylinders (both being 4 door cars)

Another point is Throttle response and turbo lag. The next gen M3 and M4 are rumored to have Tri-turbo and BMW is trying very hard to keep the throttle response and not induce massive turbo lag on these new M turbo motors. They so far have successed somewhat with the M5/M6 X5M X6M motors

With this new M2, there is no way in hell that they can get 340 Hp out of the 2.0 Turbo four and preserve good throttle response with minimal turbo lag. Heck they can barely achieve that with the Turbo six that makes less Hp


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