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If there is any truth to this report, I guess it would actually refer to an M Performance M135i sedan (naturally xDrive, not FWD). The power given makes sense as the M135i hatch is @320ps. But I can't see a full-blown M model based upon the 1er sedan... because it would closely compete against the 340ps M2 GranCoupé that Scott26 confirmed to us, and 2 M models so close from each other just doesn't make sense. (On the contrary, I presume there will be a big enough status and price difference between M3 sedan and M4 GranCoupé to justify both coexisting)

So I'd say that either we will get a 320ps M135i M Performance sedan + a 340ps hardcore M2 GranCoupé, or this report is wrong because it actually refers to only the second model, the M2 GranCoupé, not to a 1er sedan M.

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