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Absolutely no qualms about a future M going 4 cyl but a few caveats must apply.

1. Definitive weight reduction ( approx. 150/200 kg) ((assuming 4cyl/300hp))
2. RWD

Given BMW's "second strategy" where the future 1 series hatch & sedan are going to become FWD on a shared platform, UKL, with the Mini brand then so be it. From a profitability and scalability point of view it is probably justified. Many will detest the idea and there are likely to be many more that will, most likely, not care either way.

BMW need to be absolutely clear on what will be FWD and RWD in the future. For the sake of the brand I hope that the future 2,3,4,5,6,7 series all remain primarily RWD, whether that is in standard trim or an ///M model.

How long before we see a FWD ///M and where RWD will only be available on ///M's !?